releases [ bash ] by dR
2009-07-22 :::md5 checksum
small bash script for dumping and truncating the php-syslog-ng - database (DB-name and sql-password needs to be edited)

Reg-File for Proxy-Reset [ reg ] by dR
2009-04-14 :::md5 checksum
Reg-file for resetting the Proxy-configuration (Windows)

Logparser Batchfiles [ batch ] by dR
2008-12-05 :::md5 checksum
some handy batch-files for use with Logparser on Windows Servers. Datagrid is used for output. 4 different batch-files for event log, last accessed files (directory input by user), last changed files (directory input by user), logons (user specified by user)

nms-d 0.1 [ c++ ] by dR
2008-05-25 :::md5 checksum
nms-d is the daemon for nms-c (client). the daemon receives an encrypted command from nms-c and executes the command. the output is sent back to the client (nms-c).

nms-c 0.1 [ c++ ] by dR
2008-05-25 :::md5 checksum
nms-c is the client for nms-d. a command given by a command line argument is encrypted using blowfish and sent to the daemon (nms-d). the daemon encrypts the string and executes the command. the output of the command is sent back to nms-c.

configuration reading class [ c++ ] by dR
2007-07-24 :::md5 checksum
this class is part of my upcoming project. it reads host/password-information from a configuration file. error checking, struct, ...

multi-map class [ c++ ] by dR
2006-xx-xx :::md5 checksum
simple c++ multi-map class (insert, erase, find, retrieve) [ bash ] by dR
2002-xx-xx :::md5 checksum
simple pptp-reconnect script which can be used with cron


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