technical papers

  Overview MobileIron Virtual Smartphone Management Platform (Integration/Management) by dR    [ 2012, ger, pdf ]
Overview of features and integration of MobileIron Virtual Smartphone Management Platform for integrating/managing smartphones in corporate networks

  Platform-independent and extensible IDS with Prelude by dR    [ 2011, eng, pdf ]
The Prelude security information management system receives both host and network-based IDS messages and displays them in an easy web interface. This article shows you how to set it up.

  Prelude-Correlator Plugin Programmierung by dR    [ 2011, ger, pdf ]
german article about writing Prelude Correlator Plugins in Python. the source code of the correlator-plugin "PortscanGeoInfo" (see projects) is explained in detail. this article was released in Hakin9 magazine 02/11.

  Juniper SSG5 (ScreenOS 6) Site2Site VPN Howto by dR    [ 2011, eng, pdf ]
short howto for creating a Site2Site-VPN using two Juniper SSG5 (ScreenOS 6)

  Dynamics NAV - creation of impersonal acc. details report by dR    [ 2009, eng, pdf ]
this paper shows the basics of creating a MS Dynamics NAV report which prints the details of the impersonal accounts

  Open-Source-Logserver für Windows- und Cisco- Clients by dR    [ 2009, ger, pdf ]
Paper about creating a centralized loghost with webinterface in between of windows- and cisco-clients. (published in Linux Magazin 06/09)

  Elektronik Grundwissen by dR    [ 2008, ger ]
Elektronic basic knowledge paper written in German.

  Distributed Worms by florolf    [ 2006, eng ]
theoretical paper about distributed worms

  Kommunikationstechnik Fachbegriffe by dR    [ 2004, ger ]
Zusammengetragene Fachbegriffe der Kommunikationstechnik

  Theory of Linux Worms by dR    [ 2003 ]
Many people still think that linux is totally secure against viruses and worms...

  Concept Paper CABAL SubSys Own (CSSO) by Alphatar    [ only doc ]
CSSO is an AIS (Automated Intrusion System). It takes over hosts without human interaction, infects them with backdoors, installs tfn2k, annoys the root, whatever you want it to do.

  CSSO macro generator options by Alphatar    [ eng ]
short text about CSSO macro generator options

  Board Security by dR    [ 2002, ger ]
Auflistung der Sicherheitslücken verschiedener Foren-Software (zb phpbb, vBulletin,...) sowie CGI + PHP Bugs


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