[] NavZUP v1.2 (binary and source) by David Rupprechter
Download binary and source ::: md5 checksum

:: release date: 2011-01-22
:: license: GPLv2
:: programming language: c++ (gtkmm/winapi/atl)

:: handling of custom zup-directorys
:: backup/restore of zup-files
:: date/time information of backups/restores

:: changelog v1.2
:: :: custom Zup-File-location possible
:: :: bugfix: no files found (ATL statically linked)

:: changelog v1.1
:: :: bugfix (stating of file)
:: :: gtkmm-dll´s included (no installation needed)

NavZUP is a simple backup solution for MS Dynamics NAV ZUP-files. every now and then (especially when using Navision/NAV 4.x or 5.x) the zup file, which is saving the client configuration, gets corrupted and all settings have to be set again. using this tool you can simply backup zup files and restore them when needed.


this backup-tool for ZUP-files backups/restores .zup-files and creates a folder named "navzup.bak" in the parent directory of NavZUP.


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